As most of you are aware, ACE has stepped out and purchased the historic Llanrunmey farm located next to the Campus. It is a big step of faith, particularly now that the virus has nearly stopped Jamaica and the world. However, this is just another chance to see God at work when we can’t visibly see our enemy.

Thanks to you, our supporters, we’ve been able to keep our staff working at least two days a week. We always say at ACE, “Flexibility is the key to success” so, with enthusiasm, the ACE family is joining the Green Life Farm staff to work the farm. We will keep you posted regularly on what farming with the ACE family looks like and show you our progress.

As our friends and family read this, I personally can feel the smiles (all teeth smiles), laughing – who would have thought that Marla and Allen would be farming? All we can say is we’re glad we can add humor to your day as we all plough through this stay-at-home boredom! So, read on and learn a few things. We are picking up a few tips and trivia along with chiggers and ticks.

With the farm came five donkeys! Just this month, we’ve learned something about them: did you know that donkeys love small dark places to hang out? That’s right, they do not prefer the big beautiful barns that horses and cows enjoy. We are in process of making a barn out of the old farm manager’s house by taking a few doors off the entrances. This is where our unusual friends like to hang out. Some in the kitchen, some in the bathroom, and if the house had closets, I know they would all try to fit in there, too.

Secondly, donkeys all do their “business” in one spot together. I kept wondering if only one donkey was creating this enormous pile of donkey doo until one day, I caught them. Apparently, donkeys must debrief in the morning to discuss where they will do their “doo”. Now, that’s organization!

While we are learning, we are working hard at preserving what God has given us. We are mending fences, bushing out weeds, spraying wasps, and getting our horses (yes, we have five of them, too) cleaned, fed, and repaired, and we are figuring out how, when school starts again, to teach our students to care for these beautiful beasts.

As far as a plan for the farm, we are praying we can get cattle on the property as soon as possible. Jamaica specializes in Red Poles, Black Angus and Brahma cattle. The Jamaican government’s agricultural division RADA (Rural Agricultural Development Authority) is helping us with writing the proposal as there is a big push for Jamaica to get back into the cattle business. We would appreciate your prayers because if we can get started, we should have a good crop for sale when the hotels reopen.

Best wishes to all of you, or, as they say in the farm world, “Happy Trails!”