All our dearest friends of ACE seem to be falling deeper in love as they exchange nuptials in the middle of this unusual summer. First, it was our Chairman of the Board Dr. Steve Guy and his wife Carol last month. Now it’s our Child Sponsorship Coordinator, D’Vaun Gooden and his new wife Saskia Walker! Earlier this month, we got to see an ACE employee and former ACE employee tie the knot! 

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The Goodens had a beautiful wedding to remember… even with masks on, social distancing in the pews, and no air conditioning! While the masks were a little warm, this didn’t seem to have any effect at all on the bride and groom. Dressed in a purple velveteen jacket with purple velvet shoes, the groom was stunning, we thought… until the bride entered the church. Saskia, former ACE administrator and now a basic school teacher at Mason Hall, was literally the diamond in the room. With a white glittering gown covered in a translucent veil and Saskia’s huge smile, she was a sight that we think made D’Vaun catch his breath.

The happy couple wanted a wedding with their own special touches and with lots of laughter, dancing, and fun. Family was involved and, of course, the best man was our own Galina Breeze Operations Manager, O’Brian Miller.

Congratulations, D’Vaun and Saskia! We are happy that ACE had a small part in this lifetime event. After all, it all started here!