Last month, my husband, Foster, and I came up to the States for a much-needed break before we hit the ground running with a summer full of mission teams. We spent our time resting, gathering essential supplies, and preparing for the busy season ahead. 

Summers at ACE are always buzzing with activity as Galina Breeze fills up with teams of wonderful volunteers coming to help us further our mission. And it’s always fun to see the different energies, ideas, and progress each team makes when they come down.

Leading ACE as the Executive Director is both an honor and a labor of love. While there may be challenges and obstacles that get in the way, it’s always worth it when we get to see the smiles on people’s faces of those we help and hear their life-changing stories.

We are grateful for the opportunity to lead such an amazing organization and work beside incredible staff members and volunteers. Together, we’re making a significant difference in St. Mary, one mission trip at a time. Thank you, volunteers, for continuing to support ACE and obeying God’s nudge to serve our community in Jamaica. 

Let’s make this summer the best one yet!