When Things Don’t Go Your Way (Even When You Know They Should)

When Things Don’t Go Your Way (Even When You Know They Should)

This month was finally the month that we got to see a well dug for water at the Campus as well as the farm. For those of you who don’t know what is happening, the water pipes from the National Water Commission (government water) do not come to us at the Campus or the Green Life Farm next door.

Actually, all of us in Hampstead, Heywood Hall and beyond are without water most of the year and have to rely on collected rain water, water from the river, or buy it privately. You can imagine what happens in drought.

We waited for eight months for them to come after we initially ordered a well to be dug, and, with the help of donors, we were able to raise the funds to have this project completed two weeks ago – and…no water.

That’s right, you would think that drilling 200’ down at 170’ above sea level would turn up some H2O, but it didn’t…just slush. You can imagine all the thoughts we were thinking. For instance: “God you can make water come out of a rock, why not here?” or how about this one: “God, am I doing something wrong, not living right, eating too much? Any sin in my life I need to confess?” Please tell me you all have had these similar thoughts when God decides to do something different than “our” plan?  As if to think God really holds back things to punish us. Not so.

For now, we will continue to collect water outside of the normal everyday average person schedule and see what God has for us in the future. Thank you all for contributing to this cause. We know there must be a silver lining in this cloud somewhere. Perhaps in the next rain storm.