While it is now officially spring, ACE had an incredible winter season in Jamaica. Our 10th annual Men and Women’s Conference turned out to be a huge success, even with many changes taking place.

For ten years, God has provided ACE with wonderful teachers, musicians, and volunteers to set the stage for our three-night conference, a conference that began years ago with only six attendees in a church in Trinity. While numbers are not a true sign of success, we must admit having more than six attend encourages us that we are moving in the right direction. With over a 150 attending this year’s conference, held at the beautiful Galina Breeze Hotel, our theme was “Be Doers, not just Hearers”.

And doers we were! Our regular worship leaders could not attend this year, so that left Allen and Marla to sing and lead worship – just kidding! Actually, as He always does, God came through and provided two worship leaders from the Atlanta area and a young couple already in Jamaica to come together for the first time and deliver three incredible nights of music and worship.

Our wonderful Pastor Helen showed up each evening to deliver a supernatural inspired message to all the women as we crowded into the Henry Morgan room to soak up the atmosphere. And what an atmosphere – very calming, peaceful, and yet energizing at the same time. The men crowded into to the Louise Bennet room downstairs, engaged in the ongoing conversation and teaching of Dave Duff and the other men on his team. Thank you to the long-standing work of Trinity on the Hill and the many individuals who gave up vacation days to volunteer their time and talent! Our 10th Annual Conference was once again a big success and a confirmation that little can be much when God is in it.