ACE enjoyed a wonderful spring break with our volunteers. We so appreciate individuals taking time out of their lives in the U.S. to give back to Jamaica.  As much fun as we have with teams, it is a lot of work, so two weeks ago on a Friday, we surprised our National ACE staff with an outing to a beach that no one had visited before.

Jamaicans enjoy the beach differently than most Americans. I know my first order of business is to always scope out the best place to get my lounge chair situated. Then I look for the closest snack bar and find some place where the waiter comes to me versus me parading around the pool to get a drink (do I sound middle class?).

Not our ACE team – they went straight for the tables in the shade and set up their dominoes and got two teams going. Then the girls walked around and took pictures of themselves and tested the pool. No one went in the ocean. Arlene and I loved it… just watching everyone have fun and do nothing. For those of you who forget to celebrate events no matter how small, just find a Jamaican to relax with for a day and you will enjoy even the little moments.  Our staff definitely deserved a day of rest in anticipation of seeing all your smiling faces this summer.

We will be thinking of you all as we celebrate this beautiful Easter season.  I am a lover of painted eggs, but Easter is really about the big fact that separates Judeo Christianity from all religions — the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If you don’t believe that part, the rest is all a fun story. The Easter Bunny is all about marketing – great for chocolate companies, and we all love chocolate – but the real gift is the one given by Jesus for all of us. Keep that in your hearts!

Blessings, and Happy Easter!