If anyone has ever been to our Jerk Centre, you know that our former ACE Administrator is called “Brownie”, at least, by her father, MacGyver. We know and love her by her real name, Saskia. We are sad but proud to report that Saskia is moving on to pursue her dream of teaching at Mason Hall Basic School.

Saskia started with ACE four years ago as an ACE Coordinator. With training and hard work, she became the administrator, responsible for so many facets of the behind-the-scenes of ACE. While ACE invests our hearts and talents into these young adults, our real desire is to see them grow and thrive on their own. And this is exactly what Saskia has done.

Starting last Monday, the three-year-olds at Mason Hall Basic have a new “mother” who we believe will make coming to school worth it. Congratulations, Saskia! We know this is not good-bye, but rather “see you later”!  Don’t worry, you will be able to see her when you come down.  ACE is at Mason Hall weekly with our Boys club.

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