When people hear the word “specialty”, they sometimes think that means “only select qualified individuals.” Yes, that’s sometimes true; ACE does have specialty trips with volunteers helping us in Jamaica for specific purposes. But there is a specialty group that we love to have surprise us anytime – our family groups!

You may have heard us use the phrase “Vacation with a Purpose”. What a great way to describe enjoying time together as a family while simultaneously fulfilling a higher purpose and leaving with a sense of accomplishment and peace.

We’ve enjoyed seeing families of young and old, from the cold states in the north all the way to sunny Florida and everywhere in between. We’ve been so happy to have the help of canning, painting, pulling down vines off of the ruins, to being kind to one of our horses who wasn’t doing so well. Then, in the evenings after dinner, we enjoy sitting around by the pool and listening to everyone debrief with their high and lows; it makes all of us on staff smile and be reminded of how good God is to us.

Thank you to all our friends who include ACE each year into your vacation time. Families really do matter when it comes to reminding us how relationships are the most important part of the vision. A family that works and prays together truly makes a difference in the lives of many.

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