We are not sure if you have ever experienced winter in St. Mary, Jamaica, but if you haven’t, you might want to consider coming down this time of year and joining a wellness trip!

Thanks to our ACE Board Chairman, Dr. Steve Guy, we were all fortunate to receive another team of medical and dental volunteers this winter to keep us all feeling great, both physically and in spirit. This trip not only gave our health professionals a chance to make a difference, but it gave their family members (who might have thought they were just tagging along for the good weather) the opportunity to serve in other much needed outreach areas all week.

Medications were administered, counseling was given to the low in spirit, and teeth were extracted, along with many teeth cleanings. All in all, so many of our community families were relieved of pain and experienced the love only our ACE healthcare professionals could give.

During the middle of the week, our friends helped out on the farm and we have begun to uncover the old ruins on the property where Captain Henry Morgan built a home. While it may be years before we can fully uncover the whole house, we are getting lots of potting soil for our chocolate trees. Who knows, we might start another business called Pirates Potting Soil!

Thank you to Dr. Guy and the incredible health professionals who worked long hours to ensure we were all left happy and healthy.

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