Every day, something new happens on the farm that we didn’t know could happen. We find hidden skills we didn’t know we had, as well as hidden treasure in the bushes or creeks.  All of us have enjoyed having this new property in St. Mary to share with our neighbors and friends. We are leasing out land for farming crops and for raising goats, chickens, and pigs. It’s all the little guys – our families and local farmers – that need a place to make a living, and we get to build relationships that go deep.

In the meantime, we are learning so much. Just this week, as we cleaned out waterways, we uncovered what appears to be an old water wagon. The wheels and wagon were covered up with bamboo and debris. Huie, our farm manager, commented, “Hey, we could make some tables out of that for the restaurant.” That comment alone instantly started us reminiscing about all the “free material” we have found on the farm that we are using to improve the property.

Old windows, metal pieces, doors, blocks, great pieces of timber – you name it and we’ve found it. We thank God that He continually reminds us of His presence. We are also continually reminded of His little pests’ presence, as well… called ticks, but that’s why we have lemongrass (or as they say, “fever grass”), a natural deterrent.

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