It’s been a breath of fresh air this summer with so many volunteers! There is just something about seeing people you admire and love buying into the same vision that God has been giving us for 30 plus years.

We love the photos of friends smiling, especially when we are in them! Allen and I personally needed to experience this summer with everyone to confirm we are all still in this wonderful journey of ACE together! It’s been a good month, a good year so far; thank you for believing in ACE all this time.

We are praying those who haven’t come down will visit us soon. After next week, we don’t have anyone scheduled to visit us for a while and we could sure use your help. We miss you! We have lots of needs that keep us from moving forward until have helping hands on the ground. We hope to see you in St Mary soon. Look at your schedule and make time for us between now and December. ACE can’t work alone. It takes teamwork to make the dream work!

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