This month, we did something I don’t recall us ever doing before: polling our past interns with the iQuest program to catch up with them! I must admit, as I read the responses of the survey our ACE office sent out, I got a little teary-eyed. And as most of you previous interns know, I rarely get choked up on anything – I was brought up to “never let them see you cry” (whoever “they” are).

I, like so many of our wonderful past interns, have also grown in my walk with Jesus. After reading the encouraging feedback to Maddie that so many of you sent, please know that I, too, am encouraged by your words. God has used each and every one of you to influence me and this little ministry we call ACE. Stay the course, my young adult friends, and know that I am grateful for the seasons we had together in St. Mary, Jamaica. You made a difference in our garden as you are making a difference in yours.

As the earth brings forth its shoots,
and a garden makes its seeds spring up,
So will the Lord God make justice spring up,
and praise before all the nations.

(Isaiah 61:11)

And perhaps one day, I’ll see you back in St. Mary with your family of next generation ACERs.  Now that would make me cry!

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