For the first time in two years, ACE has enjoyed having friends come to Jamaica to serve our lonely residents and needy families in St. Mary. This month, Dr. Steve Guy, our Chairman of ACE, brought down some neat friends of ACE.  Some were new, some return volunteers, but all were willing to reach out and help us with our elderly and special needs community.

One of the four impact areas of ACE focuses on wellness. Automatically, most people think of wellness as working out or eating healthy. ACE’s definition of “wellness” covers so much more, as we find the human connection to heal not just physical ailments but emotional and spiritual needs as well. In the past, pre-Covid, we held many Wellness Clinics for medical and dental treatment and visited the infirmary patients, where so many of our medical volunteers so skillfully used their talents and expertise.

These days, clinics are not allowed and the infirmary is still closed to the public after almost two years. We’ve been finding new ways to fill the gap, and our hearts have been moved by the number of in-need families and individuals in our own community. This team of volunteers filled that gap perfectly, as they served the elderly and lonely living around us by simply being present. Love and Rub worked well as did Shaves and Songs. Who says it has to be all medical? Even though our volunteers were in the medical/wellness field, they knew that a little love goes a long way.

We painted, we massaged, we sang – and it was all good. These professionals, who in their daily lives and past trips have focused on medical and dental needs, found that this year was different – it was all about relationships. Many said it was so refreshing! There are many seasons in life, and we are grateful to Dr. Guy and the team for bringing in the “season of love” team. We can’t wait until the Ministry of Health opens up the country for medical and dental health for our community, but in the meantime, we will do what we can to bring wellness in many forms!


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