As soon as the previous Men and Women’s Conference wraps up each year, we are already setting the date for the next one. So, 2022’s conference dates had been on our calendar since last March, with lots of interest brewing and the format in the making. Our friends from Trinity on the Hill continued to support the program (now in year 16) as the backbone of running the men’s side, Teresa was coming back with many other familiar faces to organize the women, and our long-time worship leader Paul was set to return, and then….

Suddenly, Paul had a huge schedule conflict which meant he sadly had to decline coming to Jamaica. Pastor Helen, who normally presents to the group, could not come again this year as she had family challenges which required her constant attention, and so many other conference veterans had to bow out due to other issues. While we understood, missed them and prayed for their busy lives, we wondered what God was up to. ACE was just weighing the decision to cancel when God gave us another way! Pastor Omar and Lady Stennet from Church on the Rock in Ochi (our local church) said they would be happy to take over the speaking and music this year! Hallelujah!

The theme for this year’s conference was “Stay the Course”.  So many of us have had our world turned upside down and all around. Our comfort zones have been rattled, but, yet, God continues to call us to trust in Him and to stay the course on HIS path. He’s got this covered! When Pastor Omar was told about this theme, he and his wife jumped at it as it resonated in their own hearts that this is what God is calling us all to do.

Everything was executed beautifully, thanks to Teresa and Stephanie, our solid organizers, and our dear Roy who led his Trinity team. The music was great, the theme was something that every person needed to hear, and Roy and Marla got to watch great movies each evening by the pool with the kids under 12; watching animated movies that highlight Biblical stories is right up Roy and Marla’s alley.

Was the conference different? Yes. In many ways, it was better than ever. God led us down the right path to find the perfect people to speak the exact words we needed to hear. We filled our days before each evening’s conference working on the Peace House, helping out in ACE micro-businesses, baking and spending time in fellowship. The group that God brings together (and every year, this is true) is always the best, and we walk the road as a team, helping each other and all our conference participants to Stay the Course! Join us next year; the dates are set: February 25 – March 1, 2023!