Funny how statements like this take on a different meaning depending on what stage of life you are presently living in. As a teenager, that statement meant hide the (you fill in the blank) or, quick, turn off the TV and break out the books. But today, in this stage of my life, saying to everyone who calls or comes by “My parents are here!” takes on a sweet tone of pride and appreciation. As most of you may know, Fred Alcott, whom I call dad, is really my stepfather. He’s married to my mom (whom I still call mommy), and, even in their 80s, they are quite active.

And boy, are they here! As I write this note, Fred is out with a D6 (big front loader) designing a water runoff swell so ACE can get their long-awaited football field under way with real turf. We’ve been delayed for a year due to the fact that the ground is so hard and we had water running through the middle of the field. What we needed most was professional advice on how to eliminate this challenge… and that’s where Fred comes in.

With his background career before retirement, Fred, among many things, worked to manage over four million tons of water for the EPA. Design is what he knows best. Think about how God knew this way back when.

When my parents head back to Kentucky, not only will I have wonderful memories with my mommy and dad, but we now have a great water runoff system for our community football field. Can it get any better than that?

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