iQuest has proven to be one of the best leadership programs ACE has to offer young adults looking for a 75-day life-changing opportunity. Over the years, ACE has seen incredible young adults invest their summer in Jamaica. They learn how to grow and serve in a different culture than their own and to stretch their physical strength each day by working both long hours and their muscles. Most of all, they make a difference in others’ lives through leading.

In years past, we’ve had three, four or even more sign up to be iQuest interns, but it’s not always about quantity. God sends us who we need when we need them. When that “one” is right, we know it!

This year, it’s Kayla, a bright young woman from Delaware who knew that she wanted to spend her last summer before getting married serving with ACE in Jamaica. She had been coming to Jamaica for several years with UNITED Church, and she felt there was a window open for her to spend time with us in St. Mary to do whatever was needed. The summer has just begun, and we can already tell she is a great fit with a heart to serve! Keep her in your prayers!

In the meantime, are you looking for a place to grow muscle physically and spiritually? We need you in Jamaica! Ask about how you can serve in a real way and how to build memories for a lifetime.


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