Before COVID came into the world, a generous couple had donated funds to help us build the Peace House, a place for families to come together weekly to eat, play games, socialize, and hear what we believe to be foundational truths to our faith through the Bible. The Peace House is the last leg of what ACE likes to call its Legacy Plan for long-term sustainability, both physically and spiritually.

In the New Testament, we know Paul, Peter and other disciples were praying and teaching in people’s homes so communities could grow together in many ways. Moving forward to the 21st century, our community at Llanrumney and its connecting districts are seeking to do the same through the Peace House.

For two and a half years, we have been slowly moving forward in our effort to complete the building. Those same generous donors who helped us start the Peace House project years ago contacted their friend who is the executive director of a ministry for disaster relief in the US called Eight Days of Hope. In June, a small group skilled in construction from that organization arrived to help us complete the job.

This team consisting of eight men and woman arrived ready to work – and work they did. Not only did they make great strides in finishing the building, but they passed along their knowledge of construction and tricks of the trade to some of our staff, which will make life easier going forward. After a week of their dedicated labor, we are very close to move-in ready, just a few finishing touches to go.

Got some extra time to help us make our Christmas deadline for the Peace House? We’ve got the room, and, thanks to Eight Days of Hope, we have a lot of tools and new-found expertise to make the work go smoother. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel! 

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