We’ve had our iQuest program in some form for over 20 years, so I can safely say this is an old tradition. Each year, though, brings new life and new energy with every young person who participates.

This summer, we had the pleasure of having Kayla as our one and only iQuest intern. While we have had only one intern the last two years, with and without teams present, we haven’t had quite the same set-up as we’ve had in the past, due to Covid restrictions. This year, as Jamaica started to get back to normal, it finally felt like the familiar iQuest days of old.

We began to reincorporate processes and traditions into our program while enjoying more volunteers on the ground than the last two summers. As the old familiar routines resurfaced, there was a new appreciation for what interns bring to the ministry, and that was very evident this year. Kayla had told us long before applications were due that she wanted to be considered, and we smiled knowing that she would be the first to apply; she ended up being the only one to apply. As always, God sent us the perfect person.

Having Kayla this summer really made me personally appreciate what a young adult with passion can bring to ACE… and it’s all good. This young woman learned things about herself that she never knew, like how to use her “outside voice” inside when gathering a group together for instructions, laughing at herself and understanding what Isaiah 61 really means to her personally. The best part was watching Kayla learn about the habits and hearts of our Jamaican family and culture and loving it!

Her time as an intern is over, but now she joins our iQuest alumni family, with her own stories to tell and experiences to build on. If you know a young adult who would be a great fit for our program and ready for a life-changing summer, tell them about ACE’s iQuest opportunity. It’s an old tried-and-true tradition that helps the staff in Jamaica and provides new perspectives on the world for all involved.


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