That’s the report for this weekend for Jamaica. As tropical depression #9 is gaining strength to enter our personal space here in Jamaica, we are advised to prepare for 65 – 80 mile an hour winds and 6 -12 inches of rain. Being a girl from Miami, Florida, spending most of my young life there, preparing for these types of storms is second nature.

While the preparation is extensive for making sure the animals and the buildings are safe, it always impresses me to watch how a blue sky and calm seas can become grey and stormy in a matter of hours. The sea rages up 10 to 15 feet, while rain is blowing sideways, lightning everywhere. It reminds me of Psalm 135:6-7: “Whatever the Lord pleases, He does, in heaven and in earth, in the seas and in all deeps. He causes the vapors to ascent from the ends of the earth; who makes lightnings for the rain; who brings forth the wind from His treasuries.”  

A hurricane to me is a great reminder of the Mighty God who loves me no matter what the weather looks like outside. I find that very comforting inside with my animals and Allen. Next time your storm season rolls through, remember who the Author of such magnificence is.