Most of you know or have heard us mention Dawn, our Child Sponsorship Stateside Coordinator. She has worked diligently for nine years with our Jamaican staff via email and phone calls, coordinating sponsor/child relationships, home visits, and learning about the needs of the children in our program.

What’s amazing about Dawn is that you can mention a student’s name and she will know every detail about that child and his or her sponsorship. She’s a walking Child Sponsorship encyclopedia. Marla mentioned in a previous newsletter, how, even during a hospital stay, she had her computer open, keeping the sponsorship program current, without missing a beat. She has taken this role into her heart and truly makes this impact area of ACE shine.

So, we are so sad to announce that she is retiring in the next few weeks. While we know many great things await her and her husband as they plan their own adventures, we will miss her deeply. Transition is hard, but, in this case, the job is staying in the family in the best possible way — not just our ACE family but Dawn’s family!

Remember Amber, or rather Ms. Amba?  She is Dawn’s niece and an integral part of ACE’s history. Seventeen years ago, she came to ACE on a short mission trip, came back as an intern, worked on our Stateside staff, then volunteered full-time with ACE in Jamaica for five years, leading the iQuest program, teams and education initiatives. Amber has seen and done just about everything ACE-related, even helped with the initial setup of the Child Sponsorship program, as she saw the needs of kids and families through her interactions at the schools, even sometimes taking a child into her home.

The Child Sponsorship program and its processes have been streamlined over the years by all who have had a hand in it, both in Jamaica and in the states. How fitting it is for Dawn to hand the baton back over to Amber, now a mom herself, well-versed in the needs of the children of St. Mary and the workings of our ACE ministry. Welcome back, Amber, and best of luck, Dawn! We love you both!

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