With the start of 2023, I’m so thankful to see another year but even more exited to know things are getting back to some normalcy, getting to see our ACE friends we have not seen for a while. I am also happy to update you on how our microbusinesses (Galina Breeze, Buccaneers and Green Life Farm) are doing, as well as our newest addition of the Peace House!

Normally, Galina Breeze bookings start very slow coming off a long holiday, but the hotel has really gotten some local business. We were 50% full the first week of January and have remained that way. In the meantime, Buccaneers Jerk Centre has had continuous business and we are very busy during weekends. This has helped us tremendously with income, providing employment and assisting in paying the salaries for farm staff. Speaking of the farm, animals on the farm are doing great. The cows are increasing in numbers and having calves, and the pigs are having piglets as we grow these for the jerk center. The farm guys are now riding the horses to move about on the farm and help with the cattle.

Even though the Peace House is still not finished – we are waiting for furniture as well as a working bathroom and finishing up odds and ends – we can breathe a breath of peace, because finally we’ve had the first official event here! Christmas is one of the best times of the year, and this year was made even more special as we were able to celebrate the greatest gift, Jesus Christ, with our extended family through Christ at the Peace House. What a celebration it was! Food, lots of food, and a ton of off-key singing surrounded us as we visited with our staff, sponsored families, and friends. We even welcomed Ms. Cookie, one of our seniors at 93 years old who lives alone, to join us in the season of togetherness. The Peace House represents that place where we can come to celebrate Jesus, and we all can feel that peace of God here!

So, we’re off to a great start in the new year, and we are looking forward to what’s to come! God is surely not dead. He’s alive and kicking!


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