Do you have experience in organic greenhouse gardening? We have recently been given the chance to purchase two brand new greenhouses that a local farm operation can no longer use. This is an amazing opportunity for Green Life farms to grow food not only for our community but also as a potential new business to supply hard-to-get produce to local hotels and restaurants on the island. 

These greenhouses come with full scale irrigation systems and electrical setups that would give our farmers more control over the growing environment. Of course, all of this comes with a cost. We are hoping to raise $60,000US for this project. This would include both greenhouses and the professional set up of the systems. Buying just one of these greenhouses in the US would cost $85,000, so this is a deal we don’t want to pass up.

We are so amazed at the doors that God is opening for us on our little farm in Jamaica. Can you help us step through and finalize this opportunity?  We see great things growing for us in the years ahead!