If anyone has ever engaged in building their own home, the dream of moving in on time quickly fades with the reality of what supplies are available, what didn’t arrive, misfit fixtures, and, well, just about anything that can keep a building from becoming a masterpiece.

Perhaps that’s why ACE named this place of meeting the Peace House. When you walk in, you are quickly reminded that our Jamaicans and our Americans all put their time and talent in creating a soon-to-be-completed house specifically for finding peace.

It’s been four years from the start of building, and thanks to so many generous donors and our Jamaican staff, we have electricity, water, and, yes, a front door! A partner of ACE for many years, Sugar Hill Christian Academy, will be pouring our walk up to the entrance next week. We are spreading love everywhere on this property.

While we still need a table and benches, we are meeting occasionally, and it’s so good to call this Peace House our own. Once we get the door handles on, we will send you a photo of our completed model (if we ever really are complete… you know we’ll keep tweaking). A little peace is in order for all of us after this! Thank you for being part of this place where all may come and rest, eat, worship, and enjoy a place our Jamaican family calls their own.