Many of you have heard this before as it’s a mantra we continually repeat among our staff and with guests. This month, Sugar Hill got to do something rather amazing. They dismantled a house they were part of building many years ago to move it to another location.

One of our Child Sponsorship students, Marco, who has been in the ACE program since 2014, lived with his grandmother and grandfather since he was a toddler. Marco experienced an early loss as his grandmother, whom he loved dearly, passed away suddenly a month ago. While no one can bring back loved ones, we wanted to help ease their worries and help in some way. We found out that the grandfather was going to move to his daughter’s yard, requiring him to dismantle his home and move it to the new location.

Well, guess what? The same school that helped Marco’s grandparents put the house up was there to take it down gently and relocate it to a close-by area to be constructed again. This is one of many stories we love to tell showing the depth of commitment our volunteers and sponsors have in supporting the many families and children over the years. Deep, not wide, and that makes all the difference.