Our own chocolatier, Patricia, was granted a visa to enter the US for a much-anticipated conference in Atlantic City on chocolate. Thanks to so many of our friends in the New Jersey area who arranged the housing details and for Bruce Smith to secure the invite to the conference, Pat is moving up in her chocolate-making knowledge, which will help us to expand and improve our Cloud 9 products. 

Our friends of ACE at Bethel Baptist just couldn’t hold back on giving Pat the best American experience, so after her conference, she was taken to all the top places every Jamaican wants to see – starting with Walmart! Chick-fil-A was also on the list, and she even had a trip with our friends, Hope and Bruce, to Atlantic City and Ocean City!  

Then Pat flew to Indiana to be with our Rebel Ministries friends, Tina and Luke, for a few days where she got on a bike with Tina and did a four-mile ride. Pat reminisced about how she used to ride on her father’s bike when she was little, and now she has new memories. A stop in the states cannot go without a one-nighter in Atlanta to see a few of her best friends, like Tina and Ms. Betty. 

Thank you all for making this trip possible for Pat. Her horizons have been broadened, and we at ACE had the pleasure of watching it all come to life!